Stolen Dogs and Cats in Hoi An

This website is your first stop for help finding a lost or stolen pet. Tell us your story in the form below if you have lost a pet or had a pet stolen in Hoi An.

Report a Stolen Cat or Dog in Hoi An

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If you have had a pet stolen or lost be sure to report it immediately on the Dog and Cat theft in Hoi An and Danang area Facebook Group with photos

Places to look for a recently stolen cat or dog in Hoi An:

+ Check the back of Ba Le Market, where dogs are often sold/traded 

+ CAT (and Dogs too) HOLDING PEN GOOGLE PIN AREA HOI AN : (some in one house, some along the street in crates – keep an eye out the whole area). Click here for the Google Map location of this holding pen which is pictured below:

Advice for how to find a lost stolen or stolen pet in Hoi An and Danang

Immediately ask around, find out who has cameras in the area to check. Especially if your cat has been out when dark. Make a poster in Vietnamese and English, If you want to offer a reward. 

Do NOT wait. Go to the holding cell with a local Vietnamese person to help you as they will likely not answer you but they might a local. Get them to take a photo and cash and see if your pet is in there. 

Don’t forget almost daily a load of cats is shipped from here at around 4.30pm. Cats like to be caught alive, so have that in mind. If you can deal with the husband/son they are more likely to be more responsive to allowing you to look around. The lady owner can be hostile. Please don’t be aggressive to them or wave your camera around too obviously as they won’t allow it and may make them angry and not let you enter.  

Update August 12th 2020: it seems delivery times of cats to the holding area now is around 5-5:30pm. Not sure if it is due to Covid lockdowns. We had to pass 2 check points on the way there, so be sure to take your ID/visa/resident card with you.

Report to the police. Post on as many Facebook pages. Be persistent. Also hand many posters to all neighbours in the area, in case your cat is just lost, or had an accident. Look when roads are quiet, usually very early in morning or at night. Put out towels or bedding in garden hanging that smell of you.

Help finding Hoi An's current cat holding cell below...

find stolen cat in Hoi An at cat dealer holding location
Hoi An cat holding location

screenshot of Google pin for Hoi An location linked above


cage for stolen cats and dogs in Vietnam

Update: this is closed and we are looking for the new location: CAT HOLDING PEN GOOGLE PIN DANANG: click here for the Google Map location See image below for exact pin location:

Danang stolen cat and dog holding area- find stolen pet in Danang
click image to enlarge

For updates and discussion on holding locations please click here to go to the correct location within the Dog and Cat theft in Hoi An and Danang area Facebook group. The Danang location above may have already moved and any help finding the new location is invaluable (you could share in the form below or on the Facebook Group).


  • Take a Vietnamese local to go with you, with a picture and be ready to pay if your pet is there.
  • They are NOT friendly so be careful or they wont let you in to look.
  • Hoi An  - Go before 4/4.30pm before they ship the next batch off to Hanoi.


Also, you can fill in the quick form below to get the word out quickly. If you see any suspicious activity, wish to report a cat or dog meat restaurant or holding area, please let us know. The more information we receive, the more likely we are to be able to make a change and help victims get reunited with their lost pets. 

If you do not wish to post publicly on Facebook or elsewhere, you may submit information anonymously below.


Hoi An To Stop Dog Meat and Cat Meat

Great news recently- cat and dog meat will be phased out in Hoi An. Let's hope this reduces theft and leads to a nationwide ban of cat and dog meat in Vietnam.