Report My Lost Cat or Dog in Hoi An

Report Lost Pet in Hoi An and Help Finding Your Cat or Dog

This page provides instructions to carry out if your cat or dog has been stolen or is lost. Follow all steps to have the best chance of finding your pet. You must act immediately. Click here for our main page on how to act immediately after having a cat or dog stolen.

1. Report the incident with the Dog and Cat theft in Hoi An and Danang area Facebook Page by clicking here

This will alert the community who are also looking for lost pets. By adding photos and information about your lost pet someone else may see your cat or dog. 

2. Distribute photos and information about your pet to neighbors 

  • Post leaflets through doors
  • Knock on doors and show people photos on your phone
  • Put up leaflets with a photo on telephone poles and in shop windows
  • Provide your contact details and offer a reward

3. Print out a photo and visit the local cat or dog holding area

These are illegal marketplaces where cats and dogs are sold. Do not take a camera or have your phone out. Be friendly and ask if you can check if your lost pet is with them. Print out a color photo of your cat or dog so that you can look for it. Click here for the Google Map location.

Hoi An holding area for cats to be sold to the meat trade

4. Report the lost animal to police

If you have proof it was stolen be sure to provide it. The best evidence is CCTV footage, but any leads will help. This could be suspicious people who "cased" your property during the day. If you have a vehicle registration number for the thieves, be sure to give it to the police so they can immediately locate the vehicle used to steal your pet.