Banners up for Closure of Cat and Dog Meat Restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam

4th March 2023. We have just found these billboard photos thanks to Vietnam Cat Welfare and Four Paws

Last time I counted there were 5 or 6 dog meat restaurants in Hoi An, plus many more in the Quang Nam province and nearby Danang. This is a big step forward to our goal of banning cat and dog meat throughout Vietnam. Please help spread the word to encourage those in power to create new humane laws.

Ban Dog Meat in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam:

ban dog meat in Hoi An
Billboard for the end to dog meat restaurants in Hoi An

Cat and Dog Meat Ban in Hoi An, Vietnam

Translated text from the Four Paws Facebook Post:

Pa-no calls for no consumption of meat. dog and cat in Hoi An city 

Congratulations to Hoi An city for successfully installing 03 big flats in the city center, Thanh Ha commune and Cam Ha commune with meaningful message, raising awareness of rabies as well as building Hoi An to become friendly tourist city, meat free of dog and cat.

This is one of the media activities in the framework of the project that FOUR PAWS and the People's Party of Hoi An agreed to implement for two years to push back the trade of c meat. dogs and cats - for a more beautiful Vietnam in the eyes of international tourists and moving forward to eradicate rabies nationwide by 2030!

FOUR PAWS also hopes that there will be more provinces of Vietnam to follow Hoi An in this issue. And let's look forward to more activities of the project that will be widely implemented in the near future!

Ban Cat Meat in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam:

Ban cat meat in Hoi An
Banner for closure of cat meat restaurants in Hoi An