How the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Works in Vietnam

The Dog Meat Trade in Hoi An, Danang and Vietnam

Sold during the day to men with cages on the back of their bikes – normally sold legally. Some cases are theft in day so be aware. At night dogs can be caught/stolen dead or alive. This is because there are dog meat restaurants in Hoi An and Danang and can be quickly sold. 

If alive they can be kept for longer and shipped up North. Popular methods to catch dogs – poison sticks, tazer and more brutal stab/grab. Some more ‘Pedigree’ looking dogs will be caught specifically alive to be re-sold.

Dogs are sold to many different places – restaurants and many holding cells all around Hoi An and Danang.

1 million cats are killed and eaten in Vietnam every year and the industry is often very druel

How the Cat Meat Trade Works in Hoi An, Danang and Vietnam 

Sold during the day to ‘pots and pans’ sellers. On motorbikes you can see men and woman on motorbikes selling kitchen ware and also have cages hanging for cats. Technically illegal but not stopped. 

Cats stolen and caught at night tend to be caught alive if possible. This is because there aren’t any cat meat restaurants in Hoi An and more profitable if they can send the cats alive up North to Hanoi area. If cats die, they have to sell the frozen meat, this is harder to ship. Popular methods to catch cats are Trapping (pics added) and also grab by net.

Cats caught by thieves are sold to pots and pans sellers and ultimately all to the Cat Holding cell in Hoi An.