How to Avoid Pet Theft in Hoi An

If you are thinking of getting a pet cat or dog in Hoi An, Danang, or anywhere in Vietnam, you will find the below information very useful. This may help prevent your beloved pet being stolen for the dog and cat meat industry. Here are some basic tips of how to keep your pets safe from thieves...

How to keep your cat or dog safe from thieves in Vietnam

1. Keep your pet safe by ensuring that it is always within sight. This sounds excessive to foreigners, but you really need to make sure that your dog or cat is always close by. This is what Vietnamese cat and dog lovers do. They train their dogs to follow them closely at all times.

2. Install CCTV. This will act as a deterrent to would be thieves. They wear special lights on their head to block out their motorcycle registration number and appearance. There are always ways of identifying thieves so a CCTV system is essential. They can be bought online or at local electronics stores.

3. Install a secure outdoor cage if your animal will be sleeping outside. Seek expert security advice about which kinds of cages and locks thieves will no be able to break into. If your pet must sleep outside do everything you can to secure the area, such as security lights activated by movement, lay a gravel pathway so that you can hear intruders...

4. Always be wary in the daytime. Thieves will usually carry out reconnaissance work or "case a joint" in the daytime. Keep your eye out for anyone suspicious and be extra vigilant if you see anyone suspicious. For example, if you see men hanging around with cages on their motorcycle. Ask neighbors to keep an eye out too. Many thefts will occur between 3am and 4am. 

Please be extra vigilant to avoid pet theft in Hoi An late at night

evil cat theft in Vietnam with cat traps
Cat trap in Hoi An, Vietnam

If you are the victim of a theft or see suspicious activity click here to see how to report your incident.

How to keep your cat or dog safe and healthy

The excellent local group Vietnam Cat Welfare has reported that there is a very serious strain of distemper going around Hoi An at the moment. Besides keeping you pet in sight when outdoors and safe when you are not home, don’t forget that vaccinations and proper nutrition are also important. Below is the recent Facebook post: