Vietnam Cat Meat Trade Investigation 2020

Investigation into the cat meat industry in Vietnam, published 12th August 2020. Below you will find the PDF document of the report and a short accompanying video.

This important research and report was created by FOUR PAWS and Change For Animals Foundation

Cat Meat Industry in Vietna... 

Hoi An Animal Welfare Response to this Vietnamese Cat Meat Trade Investigation

Vietnam and some other countries still eat cat meat. The industry is more cruel than it needs to be with cats often being viciously treated whilst still alive. FOUR PAWS Vietnam just released this investigation and video looking into and exposing the cat meat trade in Vietnam. It contains health risks and recommendations with many supporting sources.

We are in full support of FOUR PAWS and Change For Animals Foundation for helping to spread awareness about this cruel industry which affects pet owners, plus the cats are too often mistreated by thieves and restaurants who believe torturing the cats improves the meat.

The investigation report is a comprehensive overview including the legal situation, inner workings of the cat trade in Vietnam and much more. Please share and consider donating to these organisations so they can continue in the fight to ban cat meat in Vietnam.